10 ways to run social media campaign for your cause



Social Media – Most effective communication tool:

Using social media for promotion of various causes and reasons is becoming a very effective mechanism. Over the last few years we have seen some of the best utilizations of social media for starting a campaign or movement against or for a specific cause.

Why a social media campaign?

The best thing about social media is that anyone can access and use it. Whether you are an individual or a business entity or an association it does not matter. Launching a campaign on this internet powered platform is simple and easy. But not all campaigns reach a high level of success. You need to work on a few aspects in order to make your social media campaign successful and advantageous towards the core cause.

Ways of using social media for campaign:

So what should a social media campaign for your cause look like? What considerations should be kept in mind to make it successful? How can you create the resonance needed to spur the target audience or the public at large? If you are looking for some answers like this, following are few ways to run a social media campaign for your cause:


  • Select the right cause:


This is the most obvious and foremost step in starting a campaign. You need to select the cause that you genuinely believe in and can defend in all circumstances. You should have detailed facts and figures and they should be precise, accurate and authentic.


  • Set up some goals:


Like any other project that you work on, you need to establish the goals and objectives you plan to achieve through this campaign. These goals will help you design the campaign in terms of people you want to target, language, demographic characteristics, social platforms to be used and many other such issues.


  • Target audience:


Decide on the people you want to promote this campaign to.

  1. Set personal example:

You need to tell people first how you feel about this cause. This will help create credibility and enhance faith of others.


  • Include emotional connection:


A cause only goes viral if people can relate to it on a personal level. There should always be a factor of humanity and empathy involved with your cause.


  • Involve others:


The best part about social networks is that people get to share their ideas and views with others without any barriers. Involving other people and their stories will help engage a larger audience from different networks.


  • Share stories:


Personal experiences and true stories about a certain cause always creates a better understanding of what you are trying to convey.


  • Select the right platform:


Currently there are a number of different social media platforms available to the world. Depending upon the nature of your cause, select the one the most appropriately captures the targeted audience.


  • At partners:


If you are promoting a social cause there might be many nonprofit organizations wanting to help you. Take them on board and get help in all aspects.


  • Always Follow up and interact:


Social allows people to interact and converse in the easiest manner. When you start a campaign remember to follow it through a long time. Do not let it go once started.