Branding Your Self on the Internet



How to brand yourself begins simply by revealing your personal brand. Your personal brand is not an ordinary statement or a tagline. It is actually a collection of your thoughts, skills, knowledge, moral values, beliefs and some other properties. You are ready to brand yourself as soon as you find your personal brand. Here are various ways through which you can successfully brand yourself on the internet.


  • Define your Objective:


You have to think that why people visit your website? You have to think in a way of benefitting them. A phrase “Stepping into the shoes of others completely fits here”. You have to put yourself on other people place and think like them. What things are they requiring from a brand? What are the factors that will attract them? You must know the answers to these entire questions before branding yourself. You have to increase your followers by creating different accounts like twitter etc. Make a LinkedIn profile. Along with this, you must have some goals defined like:

  • How to Start New Business
  • Differentiating yourself from Competitors
  • How to Sell More?


  • Identify Areas of Skill/Expertise:


Why do you want to be known? With whom you are trying to connect? The internet has thousands of experts, so why someone attracts towards you? You must possess some unique areas to attract people. You must have broad interests. Your boundaries of expertise define what you do and who you are.


  • Create Maximum Social Media Profiles:


You must create maximum profiles on social media in order to increase your followers. Along with this make a list of links to all profiles. Review all of your profiles on regular basis and make sure that your information is up to date.


  • Make a Solid Positioning Statement:


Actually, a positioning statement is a short description that represents yourself. Like Who are you, What is your motive etc. You must keep your audience in mind while developing this statement. This statement is basically about you but not for you, it is for the people with whom you are trying to connect.  This statement also describes that what differentiates you from your Competitors.


  • Use Steady and Consistent Look:


The selection of color, font, style etc matters a lot in branding. So these should be uniform throughout all channels. This design will make you unique and it will be memorable for people because people mostly remember unique and attractive looks.


  • Reserve Same Name on each Platform:


It is significant and essential to hold the same name on each platform. You can use a tool like KnowEm to check whether your name is taken on any other platform or not. So, if you find that your name is already taken by someone else then try to choose a different name. Here some simple Tips are mentioned below through which you can brand yourself on the internet.

  • Display your expertise as much as you can.
  • Create a Unique Logo.
  • Use Personal Brand Name as Domain Name.
  • Increase your followers by creating maximum Social Media Accounts.
  • Provide more benefits to people with respect to your competitors.